Legislative priorities

Friends of WMU is a bi-partisan state political action committee organized to promote the interests of Western Michigan University. Our priorities are simple: Help WMU realize its legislative priorities by:

  1. Securing increased state funding for students of Western Michigan University.
  2. Increase WMU's access to legislators and state policy makers.
  3. Broaden the awareness/visibility of WMU and its programs.

Our No. 1 goal is to increase per-student funding for WMU students consistent with the University's status as a nationally recognized, research university and commensurate with other Michigan public universities. Students who elect to go to Michigan State University, Wayne State University, Lake Superior State University, Michigan Technological University, Northern Michigan University, and the University of Michigan receive substantially greater support than those who have chosen to attend WMU. We think the students at WMU are as deserving of state support as those attending these other state universities.

The state has slashed funding for student financial aid in recent years. Funding for students needs to be a top priority of the state legislature. Now is exactly the wrong time to limit access to higher education in Michigan when it is widely acknowledged our future lies in a highly educated workforce.

Each year, many pieces of legislation are put forth that can potentially add more regulations and restrictions on how the University can meet the needs of its students, our community, and our state. WMU needs to remain responsive to changes in the entrepreneurial tradition that has served the state so well. Let’s not allow the state to add more bureaucracy than already exists.