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We're proud of Western Michigan University and think it is one of the best universities in Michigan. Contributions to Friends of  WMU help us support the election of education-oriented candidates to public office, who are supportive of WMU and its current and future students. We take seriously our role of operating as a bi-partisan organization, so all contributions we make to candidates running for office are based on the candidate's dedication to supporting higher education and WMU, not the political party to which they belong. 

Why become a Friend of WMU? Here are a few good reasons:

  1. A college degree is essential for securing good employment in the 21st century U.S. economy; WMU provides students with a broad range of well developed academic programs that help them prepare for successful, satisfying careers.

  2. The battle for state funding for higher education is fiercely competitive and requires constant effort to raise awareness of the value that WMU and its graduates brings to the state and region.

  3. Contributions to FoWMU helps us send a message to policy makers in Lansing that WMU is a critical entity in Michigan; its supporters are united in an effort to positively impact the election of candidates who recognize the importance of and support the University.

Like many fundraising efforts, goals are often achieved through modest contributions from a great number of individuals. Please base your contribution on your ability to give, as well as how strongly you believe in the opportunity WMU provides its students and the academics and standards it represents. 

NOTE: Only individuals can contribute to a political action committee—corporate and labor union checks may not be used to make a PAC donation, per the Michigan Campaign Finance Act. Contributions to Friends of WMU are not deductible as charitable contributions. Donations may be sent via personal check and USPS mail service to:

            Friends of WMU, P.O. Box 19154, Kalamazoo, MI  49019


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